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released 06.10.2021

Cold hands, warm heart?

released 23.09.2021

How about warm hands, warm heart?

On a wellness holiday in Seefeld, we don’t believe that your hands have to be cold for your heart to be warm! Come and discover our heart-warming wellness services.

As the cold season draws closer, that old saying springs to mind: “Cold hands, warm heart”. But while warm hearts are guaranteed when you enjoy winter wellness in Seefeld, having cold hands – or anything else for that matter – is certainly no must! Here at Klosterbräu, we have a range of saunas to warm your body and heart after a day out in the crisp mountain air. For those who like it hot, there’s the Finnish sauna from 85-90°C or the aptly named “Heiss Zeit” sauna from 80-90°C. And if you’d prefer something slightly less scorching, why not sink into the pleasant heat of the Bio sauna from 60-70°C or the steam bath from 40-45°C? When it comes to matters of the heart, couples will simply love our private spa suites where you can enjoy moments of cosy togetherness. And with two outdoor swimming pools that are heated all year round, you can get active with a stunning mountain view without feeling the chill.

released 22.09.2021

Pure luxury and relaxation

released 24.08.2021

Our Lifestyle wellness suites


Our new Lifestyle wellness suites invite you to feel good and enjoy ...


Wellness in Seefeld is unique, luxurious, and comfortable at our hotel: our new suites could not be more irresistible with all their features. Our suites have a private sauna and a cosy reading lounge, and are elegantly furnished with fine oak floors, wooden vaults, a romantic candle fireplace, balcony, and a large walk-in closet. There are also two sleeping areas that can be easily separated and your restful sleep is guaranteed in our high-quality box-spring beds. However, one of the best highlights is the beer fountain from which you can draw our home-brewed beer. All the bathrooms are noble and luxurious and offer every modern comfort: our rain shower simulates natural rainfall and in the free-standing bathtub you can take it easy after an enjoyable day in the Tyrolean mountains.

Have we whetted your appetite? Then book your relaxing break and enjoy our unique Lifestyle wellness suites.

released 08.09.2021

Absolute enjoyment

released 24.08.2021

Bräukeller & grill


Are you a gourmet always looking to try out new tastes? Then you really must pay us a visit at our Bräukeller & Grill!


In Seefeld, holidays are so delicious! Here at Klosterbräu, you can savour a variety of delicious Tyrolean tapas as well as the best barbecue and meat specialities in our Bräukeller & Grill. Moreover, vegetarians are well looked after here – you can enjoy a large selection of vegetarian dishes and specialities as well as a vegan burger. Our recommendation: try the Pulled Beef Burger – the combination of local smoked beef, braised onions, beer mayonnaise, and home-made cucumber chutney is a real treat. Whatever you choose, one thing is definitely a must: you simply have to try a pint of cold beer. Our home-brewed organic beer in six different varieties is one of the best beers in Tyrol! We brew our beers with passion, superb raw ingredients, and the best Karwendel spring water to provide you with a taste you will love. Just visit us and let us pamper your taste buds with culinary delights.

released 18.08.2021

A holiday dedicated to culinary indulgence

released 26.07.2021

Our YOUNIQUE® inclusive services


It just wouldn’t be a holiday without a little culinary indulgence. And here at Klosterbräu, gourmet delights are part of our extensive package of inclusive services.


When planning a holiday in Seefeld, Austria, not all hotels offer YOUNIQUE® inclusive services in a 500-year-old former monastery. But that’s exactly what you’ll find at Klosterbräu from the moment you set foot inside. During check-in, we will ensure your holiday gets off to a delicious start with a refreshing welcome drink. Then, once you’ve had time to settle in, your hosts the Seyrling family invite you to share a welcome aperitif with them in the hotel’s ancient wine cellar. And the indulgence doesn’t stop there: we’ll continue pampering your palate throughout your holiday with our ¾ vitality gourmet board, including a delectable buffet breakfast to give you plenty of energy for the day’s adventures, a daily salad and cheese buffet, and no fewer than eight locations where you can put the perfect finishing touch to an amazing day with a sumptuous evening meal. And wherever you choose to indulge in gourmet delights, you can always enjoy fresh beer from our very own brewery or fine wines from our wine cellar.

released 04.08.2021

Breathe in nature, sweat out stress

released 26.07.2021

Nature’s healing touch


Are you tired, lacking lustre and the joy of life? Then free your mind and energise your body amidst living nature.


Wellness in Seefeld begins the moment you walk into Klosterbraü’s unique sauna landscape inspired by our passion for well-being and our love for traditional monastic spirituality. Several themed saunas, including the unique hand-carved “Heiss Zeit” sauna, which expands as if alive, create a sense of warmth and tranquillity to relax body and mind. Go for an organic outdoor sauna to strengthen your immune system or lie in the Bread Baking sauna to improve your metabolism. Just breathe in the nature around you and sweat out stress. Or if you prefer, you can choose from a wide range of spa treatments, yoga, traditional Chinese medicine, and much more on your journey to holistic regeneration. Wellness in Seefeld provides unique treatments for individual needs and wishes: feel free to ask our spa master or spa therapist for some help to let nature’s healing touch enhance your personal well-being.

released 15.07.2021

Tired of household chores?

released 08.02.2021

Find inspiration and strength


Want to get away from your daily chores, to regain your culinary creativity and zest for life? Then, treat yourself to healthy eating and inspiration.


There are several hotels in Seefeld, but only Hotel Klosterbräu offers a range of healthy dishes inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Are you tired of your own home cooking – fatigued by the thought of creating new dishes to satisfy those hungry mouths spoilt by variety and ever-increasing new tastes? Then you definitely need a well-earned break from your kitchen and household chores. Whet your appetite by looking forward to plenty of culinary delights that only a top-class hotel offers – what’s more, the healthy way! Have a lie-in and partake in a late breakfast, get out into the nature to work up an appetite. Treat yourself to an unforgettable 6-course dinner or your partner to a surprising romantic dinner just for two in the 500-year-old wine cellar in the romantic glow of candles. You can even sit at the Chef’s Table and watch as your meal is prepared for you, stimulating your own culinary creativity. You will certainly regain your zest for life.

released 01.07.2021

Calling all athletes

released 08.02.2021

Focus on your sport


Is your sporting career suffering? Have you lost track and need some assistance to refocus your body and mind on sport? Then help is at hand.


At last, holidays in Seefeld means breaking away from your four walls, your balcony, or your garden where you tried to keep yourself fit instead of going to your usual training sessions. Perhaps it was not even possible to train properly, perhaps you got into bad habits and now you feel unsure whether you will ever reach your form again in the near future. The strain of putting sport on the back-burner troubles you both physically and mentally  when will you be focused again? Don’t worry, help is at hand. At Hotel & Spa Klosterbräu not only do they offer a yoga programme to rediscover the balance between body, mind and soul they can also measure your vitality to present a clear evaluation of your present condition. Furthermore, mental coach, Pia Schorer, who is affiliated to the National Team for Disabled Sports of the Austrian Skiing Association can assist you with individual coaching and mental training to get you back on track. Why not give it a run?

released 15.06.2021

A home with a difference

released 08.02.2021

Time for one another


Are your relationships with your loved ones under strain – juggling kids, partner, and work with hardly any space to enjoy the precious moments?


At Klosterbräu Hotel & Spa, one of the best hotels in Seefeld, precious moments with your family are of great importance. That is why we offer a home from home with a difference – a change of scene, the opportunity to enjoy a more relaxed family life after the stresses of home schooling and home office , and to experience more quality time. Apart from the excellent choice of gourmet cuisine, it is a chance to regain collective strength and to have the freedom of choosing when, where, and how you want to spend family life. Have you just had a new baby, was it one of your children’s birthdays, or do you simply want to celebrate? Our hotel offers all the services for a successful christening, birthday party, or just pure spa pleasure for the whole family. If you want to boost your immune system, what about the family steambath textile with temperatures between 35 and 45°, open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., combined with a walk through our Garden of Eden and a cooling shower afterwards? Come in and find out!

released 01.06.2021

Home sweet home

released 08.02.2021

Loft 500: feel at home!


Looking for a home sweet home with all the comforts and space to still be in touch with nature? Look no further – try the Klosterbräu’s Loft 500 suite and Lifestyle rooms.


For your holidays in Seefeld, Hotel Klosterbräu & SPA***** has 35 new Lifestyle rooms and Loft 500 waiting for you. Comfort and modernity combine to provide rooms full of natural light and modern technology fitted with alpine fabrics and woods. Loft 500 is a particular highlight with plenty of space covering over 110 metres, including a spacious lounger and couch area overlooking the greenery on the southern side of the hotel, a sleeping area with a modern vault and view of the mountains as well as a bathroom separated by a sliding door and a panoramic sauna with lounger that overlooks our Garden of Eden. A spacious terrace of 70m² guarantees space for those who like sitting outdoors, while those who prefer staying indoors are still very much in touch with nature. Free beverages such as beer, coffee, and tea are also included. A large wardrobe makes sure that you have all the comfort and room to make your holiday stay your home sweet home.

released 15.05.2021

Seefeld in Tyrol

released 03.02.2021

Just like a fairy tale


Discover the fairy-tale mountain village with its wild paths, enchanting moments, and idyllic views.


If you believe that “Once upon a time” only applies to fairy tales, think again: a holiday in Seefeld will prove otherwise! Here, you will find a small, fairy-tale mountain village whose wild paths will lead you through enchanting nature.

Seefeld is a magical place, where bright colours, beguiling scents, and sweet sounds come together in perfect harmony. Enjoy the picturesque environs while indulging in a cup of coffee and a piece of strudel in one of the sunny cafés, or immerse yourself in the beauty of the woods on a horse and carriage ride. But it is not only the mountain giants in the background that will put you in a fairy-tale mood. We also recommend taking a walk to the Kaltwassersee or Möserer See lakes, where the reflections on the water and the sound of cowbells in the meadow will whisk you away to another world. Back at home, when reminiscing about the experiences during your fairy-tale holiday, the magical environs, and the idyllic location of your family hotel in Seefeld, you will start by saying: “Once upon a time …”

released 01.05.2021

Quench your thirst

released 03.02.2021

If beer was the food of love …


Looking for something to quench your thirst in summer, experience tradition and green philosophy? 


What can you do on your Seefeld holidays? Enjoy a refreshing homemade beer at Klosterbräu’s Bräukeller Grill & Veggie well-known for its reverently brewed selection of beers to quench your thirst. True to the monastic tradition of beer brewing since 1516, your hosts, the Seyrling family, continue to make excellent beers using only malt, hops, and spring water. There’s no better way to drink noble “barley juice” brewed with great love and patience: made with such love that every beer has a special name, some of which have been named after family members, e.g. Bubi’s Helles or Sigi’s Weizen. To make the most of your experience, they offer a flat rate and interesting hand signals for express orders. If you prefer other beverages there are plenty to choose from, including homemade Apfelstrudel liqueur, vegan, and vegetarian drinks. And when you need something to soak it all up, the choice of regional and seasonal burgers, premium steaks, salads, and vegetable dishes is wide: all lovingly marked for easy selection.

released 15.04.2021

An unexpected journey – the Misty Mountains are calling

released 03.02.2021

Follow your quest and discover adventure


Are you daring enough to follow the quest and discover the secret of the spirit? Then join your companions and set off.


From your family hotel in Seefeld, it’s just a stone’s throw away to a comfortable hike through the Leutasch Spirit Gorge, especially for those who love the mountains for its sense of otherworldliness. Locals used to believe that a spirit was hiding in its crevices and that his goblins came out to dance at night. Kids love the three trails leading through a narrow gorge enclosed by rugged cliffs and overlooking a crystal-clear waterfall. Along the way, you are instilled with an eerie sensation that you are not alone, enhanced by the fantastic tales told by the goblins you meet. Legend has it that the spirit and a fairy were once friends: he loved listening to her worldly stories until one day, he became angry, condemned her to silence, and trapped her in the ravine. Why? There’s only one way to find out – let the goblins accompany you on your quest. It’s like trekking through the Misty Mountains with Bilbo – like time standing still. Are you ready?

released 01.04.2021

Life is like a game of tennis; the player who serves well seldom loses.

released 03.02.2021

Improve your game, improve your life


No time to practise your serve? You can’t be serious – look around and take your pick from our tennis Eldorado.


What to do in Seefeld in summer: enjoy the fantastic views around this region as an alternative to dashing up the mountains. Known as an Eldorado for tennis lovers, there are plenty of opportunities for amateurs and professionals to improve their game while taking in the spectacular surroundings of lush green vegetation, bright blue skies, and impressive mountains fading into the distance on a hazy sunny day. Tennis Club Seefeld offers a broad range of courses for all age groups in collaboration with ESTESS Tennis Academy which is well-known for its outstanding quality. It has six clay courts for those who prefer a slow ball and high bounce to work on their game: more competitive players can also participate in a summer tournament. The Casino tennis centre also prides itself on four outdoor green Tenn clay courts, while eight indoor courts covered with Bross slide surfacing enable optimal training for all abilities.

released 15.03.2021

Nurture what you love

released 03.02.2021

You, me, and baby makes three


Experience your nearest and dearest as you’ve never seen them before – it’s like being born again


A family hotel in Seefeld is the ideal place for a well-deserved break from the daily stresses of managing partnerships, children, and personal welfare. Hotel Klosterbräu in Seefeld prides itself on providing a space for young families to nurture precious moments of togetherness, and for parents to fully experience their children’s development. Not only does this strengthen family ties, it also allows parents to participate in their adventures and create a sense of security and well-being. Your hosts cater for a varied programme of activities: they light campfires, organise path-finding games, go fishing, and observe forest animals in the great outdoors. The sportier can learn how to curl or how to build an igloo. And in the evening when the kids are asleep, parents have time to relax, enjoy each other’s company, and contemplate while being pampered in our holistic world of wellness. Further afield, there is a plethora of interesting leisure pursuits: water rats can rent a boat, you can have a picnic with alpacas or go on a marmot safari, and you can learn how to climb at the climbing centre. For older kids and teens, the hotel is just a stepping stone away from a vast variety of adrenaline-pumping adventures that are sure to encourage many to forget their mobiles and get a piece of the action. The perfect thing is every child can explore and find exactly what they are looking for.

released 01.03.2021

The Nordic lifestyle

released 03.02.2021

The Olympic dream and other tales


Do you want to become an Olympic expert and enjoy a sporty atmosphere? Then, off to Seefeld


Don’t you know what to do in Seefeld in summer? If you are an alpine sport fan, exploring the Olympic region Seefeld is the ideal way to soak in the Olympic atmosphere and become one with its unique rugged nature. After the winter celebration of alpine sport and enjoyment of the Nordic lifestyle, the fun continues throughout the summer with plenty of opportunities to see this region from another light, and to gain a fuller perspective, as well as to recharge one’s own energy. Hang on to that Olympic spirit by training at the Competence Centre, where you can rub shoulders with the stars, or go on a themed hike. Trigger memories and gain an insight into the cultural and historical development of the area. The Seefeld Ski Trail offers a three-hour walk of medium difficulty to the Brunschkopf, where you enjoy stunning 360-degree views of the whole 650km region from a man-made platform. It is well-known for hosting the Olympic Games on three occasions. It boasts participation in the ‘Best of the Alps’ alliance, award-winning cross-country trails, and has, in recent years, become more popular for Nordic skiing, even holding the annual Nordic World Cup. Amongst other stops, you can see where the Olympics were held, visit the ski-jump and winner’s podium, as well as delve into historical archives. Where better to follow the Olympic dream? Come and experience it first-hand and fulfil your dream, too. 

released 15.02.2021

Precious moments to inspire and innovate

released 29.01.2021

Make the most of Mother Nature’s gifts


You’ve walked upon the snow-covered slopes in winter, but have you ever wondered what it looks like when the snow melts?


What to do in Seefeld in summer? Spend precious moments discovering this spectacular Olympic region from its sunny side. Stroll along meandering alpine streams and flowering pastures, dip into a secluded bathing lake, or visit one of the five villages in this area at 1,200m. Summer is the perfect time to explore a vast network of 650km of well-marked walking, hiking, and climbing routes of varying levels of difficulty. For people with walking difficulties and families, the Promenade Walks offer unique barrier-free trails to enjoy the stunning scenery. Several themed trails lead through Karwendel Nature Park, the protected Wildmoos nature reserve, or to the 60 mountain huts for idyllic stops along the way. A set of three themed trails forming a star at the summit of the Brunschkopf mountain is an absolute highlight, and wherever you go, a wide range of accommodations, spa facilities, and leisure activities are on offer.

released 01.02.2021

A fusion of tradition and passion creates a unique Tyrolean experience

released 29.01.2021

Hospitality from the heart


Passion and tradition are the beating heart of this Tyrolean hotel, where the seventh generation of the Seyrling family looks forward to giving you a warm welcome.


It’s the capital of cross-country skiing and it’s beloved by visitors from near and far. We are of course talking about Seefeld, where, with some 256km of perfectly maintained cross-country ski trails, you’ll be spoiled for choice. But that’s not all! Fans of downhill skiing can test their skills on close to 40 pistes featuring a range of ski lifts. And the cherry on the cake? Why, staying at the most ancient family hotel in Seefeld, of course! Located right in the centre of Seefeld, Hotel Klosterbraü can treat you to a unique holiday 365 days a year in its stunning former monastery setting, where the key ingredients are passionate attention to detail, an abundance of charm, and, above all, the hospitality of a family tradition that goes back seven generations. The Seyrling family has been putting heart and soul into caring for its guests since 1809. The exceptionally high quality of the services on offer is reflected in the numerous awards bestowed on the hotel. When it comes to wellness, for example, its Spiritual SPA concept, designed around the unique ambience of the 500-year-old monastery, secured the hotel the Relax Guide Spa Award 2019. So, when the time comes to unbuckle your skis, lovers of wellness can indulge in holistic ritual treatments, immersed in the rich monastic past of our spa. Let us show you the meaning of Feel.YOUNIQUE®!

released 15.01.2021

Discover your own magic moments …

released 17.12.2020

… on a summer holiday in Seefeld!


It’s never too early to start planning your summer holiday, and the Seyrling family and Klosterbräu team can’t wait to help you bring your magic moments to life!


We know, we know: Christmas is fresh in our minds and the mountains are still firmly in winter’s grasp. But here at the Klosterbräu, we believe it’s never too soon to start planning your summer holiday. If you’re wondering what to do in Seefeld in summer, our Klosterbräu family will be happy to help! With the glorious sunshine and the magnificent Alps providing a stunning backdrop, there’s plenty for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts to discover. Why not join our in-house activity and mountain guide Clemens on a sunrise hike to one of the most beautiful viewpoints in the Olympic region? Or perhaps you’d like to get to know your host Alois Seyrling a little better on a sports hike through breathtaking alpine scenery? If you’re looking for a touch of indulgence, our wellness area with eight themed saunas, a range of rest and relaxation rooms, spacious Garden of Eden, and much more, all in the beautiful, historic setting of our monastery home, invites you to relax and unwind on your summer getaway. That is Magic Moments.YOUNIQUE®.

released 01.01.2021

Immerse yourself in sport, nature, and culture …

released 17.12.2020

… and experience the best of the Alps!


Whether it’s winter or summer, active or relaxing, with friends or family: a holiday in Seefeld is sure to hit the mark! Read on to find out what you can look forward to!


We at the Klosterbräu, the hotel for wellness in Seefeld, would like to tell you more about the magical region we call home: the Olympic region. Are you all about relaxation, or do you live for sporting fun? Perhaps you’re fascinated by history, culture, and traditions? Or maybe it’s gourmet cuisine you’re longing for? In Seefeld, you can make your holiday dreams come true 365 days a year! We are a much-loved destination for travellers from both within national borders and abroad, and it’s no coincidence that we are a member of the “Best of the Alps” association, which features some of the most prestigious ambassadors from the alpine region. A holiday in the Olympic region of Seefeld means three things:

  1. The epitome of well-being, guaranteed by a choice of excellent hotels and restaurants
  2. Infinite possibilities for discovering local traditions, sports, and culture, all enveloped in an air of charm and cheerful hospitality
  3. Insatiable culinary pleasures. Exquisite, authentic, and gourmet: this is the gastronomic promise of our region.

You too can turn this delightful trio into a dream come true. But how? With a holiday in our 5-star hotel! When our doors open once more, you will be welcomed by 500 years of history, spoiled with exclusive services, and overcome by unforgettable emotions.

“Be ready to Live.YOUNIQUE®, to Feel.YOUNIQUE®, & to Enjoy.YOUNIQUE®.”

released 15.12.2020
A snap with your fingers…
released 25.11.2020

…and you are all set for pure wellness this Christmas


A “Feel YOUNIQUE® Spa Package” makes the ideal Christmas gift to remember. Take a sneak preview of what is waiting for you!


If you are still looking for a Christmas present for your loved ones or for yourself, then we recommend you to consider a spa package to remember at one of the best hotels in Seefeld in Tyrol! This time of year, we at Klosterbräu truly enjoy the festive Christmas flair with its warm lights, inviting fragrances, delicious flavours and sweet sounds. How so? Why, by indulging in a proper wellness session of course, a session, which will make you feel truly YOUNIQUE®. Our various offers include specialised products and treatments. The high quality of our spa area and professional team guarantees the highest level of relaxation and wellbeing, just what you might be looking for this year. What do you think about a romantic package for two as a gift for your better half or something just for you, for your own self-care?! All this and much more awaits you at Seefeld, where a spa break is bound to be truly YOUNIQUE®! We hope to see you soon. Until then, let our spa programme inspire you and treat yourself at home to some well-deserved me-time…

released 01.12.2020
More than a mere tradition
released 25.11.2020

Smiles, Christmas magic, and memories to remember


In our 5-star hotel, Christmas magic is in the air and although this year will be different to others, we would like to tell you about our traditional Christmas market in Seefeld.


Christmas market fans cannot get enough of them; newbies fall in love at first sight. The Christmas market in Seefeld is one of the most treasured traditions in Tyrol. Already at the end of November, you can feel the festive ambience in Seefeld. The exact same ambience which awaits you also at our hotel, one of the best hotels in Seefeld, if we say so ourselves. Christmas decorations and hundreds of fairy lights transform the village into a veritable Christmas fairy-tale come-true. The typical wooden huts offer local culinary delights, delicate artisanry, and Christmas-themed gift ideas. While you are meandering between the market stalls, you can listen to seasonal tunes and local orchestras. Every once in a while you may be interrupted by the sound of bells and horses’ hooves from the horse-drawn carriage rides carrying couples or smiling families across the picturesque scenery. Whether Christmas market or no, a winter holiday in Seefeld is all about wintry Christmas magic.

released 05.11.2020

Food for wellbeing, …

released 06.11.2020

… the right atmosphere


A holiday with good food and drink is vital, but what about the atmosphere? Come to us and discover the difference it makes.


Wellness in Seefeld is not only about eating, drinking, and making merry on your holiday. At Klosterbräu, it is also the atmosphere that uplifts the soul and allows one to drift on an unusually soothing level. For your hosts, it was the combination of the old and the new that was crucial to their concept of wellbeing. The fact that part of the hotel was once a monastery and a brewery cannot be avoided when guests see and sense the traditions that have long remained – doorframes, paintings, murals, and candle-shaped lighting as well as a blend of spirituality and self-sufficiency where monks once baked bread and brewed beer. Here you can enjoy the rustic atmosphere of the 14th century combined with a modern facelift – the light of 500 candles creating a mellow mood and the pleasant aroma of baking bread from the bread bake sauna filling the air to tantalise your nose. You can leave a message for guests in the so-called “bierstein” and savour the beer from a tap in the wall. What about you – what is the right atmosphere for you?

released 01.11.2020
Paving the way to wellbeing…
released 06.11.2020

… with a gift voucher


At Klosterbräu holidays come to life when you receive a gift voucher to spend in our award-winning spa hotel: a path to holistic healing.


At Klosterbräu in Seefeld holidays are as diverse as you are. That’s part of our spa concept: seeing the individual. We would like to show everyone the perfect way to relaxation and holistic healing, that’s why a little enticement – a gift voucher from us – can go a long way. There are plenty of treatments to choose from within our FEEL:YOUNIQUE range® which can be tailor-made according to your specific needs. It’s all about confiding in our capable staff while they listen attentively, give expert advice, and arrange the most suitable treatments for you – simply unique, true to its word. Whether you need physical, emotional, or spiritual support, or even a combination of all three, you are sure to be delighted by the effects that visiting our spa can have on you. So, you see, having a gift voucher from us is like having a ticket to freedom so why not come and see what’s in store for you once you step onto your path of wellbeing.

released 15.10.2020

We stand for SAFE SERVICE

released 26.01.2021

Tyrol’s tourism industry relies on certified safety – and we are happy to be part of it: In the winter season 2020/21 we are using the "SAFE SERVICE" learning app as a modern training tool for our employees*. Our company has successfully completed the digital training on topics such as safety provisions, distance rules, hygiene measures, or contactless customer experience.

We live SAFE SERVICE internally and know very well what our guests want in terms of safety. We also consciously offer SAFE SERVICE to the outside world, making it clear that we are a SAFE SERVICE company.

More information:

We are here for you until 03 April 2022!

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505 Years Special 6+1
For our anniversary celebration from 28.11. to 08.12.2021 we give you an overnight stay and offer a casual event programme.


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