Experiences of our guests at Hotel Klosterbräu

Manuel Charr and Mario Daser at the training camp Seefeld

The two boxing stars spent the summer in the Olympic region Seefeld to prepare for the upcoming title fights. Our interview with the two athletes and host Alois Seyrling.

Barbara Becker pronounces the start of the cross-country skiing season once again

The multi-talented sportslady is our guest again in the Olympic region Seefeld and gives the starting signal for this year's cross-country skiing season. Our interview with cross-country loving Barbara Becker and host Alois Seyrling.

Alexander & Viola Mazza with their daughter at Hotel Klosterbräu 
The German TV star and actor is visiting us with his wife Viola and their daughter. They appreciate the cosiness of the Klosterbräu and feel at home with us. Our interview with the two and host Alois Seyrling.

George Warren McCrae, Jr. at Hotel Klosterbräu 

The US-American pop and R&B singer from Florida likes to spend his holidays with us in the wellness and SPA area. With the song "Rock Your Baby" he had his biggest success ever. Our interview with singer and host Alois Seyrling.

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