Bees moved in as a permanent guest at Hotel Klosterbräu.



Did you know that for 1 kilo of honey most bees cover over 100,000km, which means they fly 2.5 times around the globe (and that without the speed of sound)? We make it much easier for our busy bees. Since summer 2020 we host more than half a million leased bees on our parish hill behind the hotel. Due to the snowy winter on the Seefeld plateau they spend the cold season in the valley and move to our meadows in spring. Summer holidays so to speak. We only mow our meadows once a year in summer so that the blossom can be used by all insects and as long as possible. And the landscapes are much more beautiful to look at.



From spring 2021 there will be even more for the bees.

For our farm with petting zoo "Sigi's Sauhaufen" we plant a variety of flowering fruit trees, flowers, vegetable, herb and berry bushes as well as our own hops.

We allow our bees to "steal" a part of the honey and use it for …


  • … your breakfast honey.
  • … our honey soaps.
  • … beauty products such as lip balms and hand creams.

Each of our guests has the possibility to support this project with €3 per day, because: for all guests who do without the additional second room cleaning per day, we donate this amount to the "Seefeld Forest & Bee Project". Of course, you decide whether you want the daily second room cleaning or donate the money to this project. BEE.HAPPY

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