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It is what it is... but from here on in - it's up to us

What's new from now to may 2021


Now the time has come. We can finally cross a few items off our private bucket list. We are really looking forward to seeing your beaming and amazed faces. :-)

Over 50 new additional services

New: From summer 2021 - 50 new activities for you!

YOUNIQUE variety - lots to look forward to in the months ahead!

  • Try out something new and learn from the pros! We offer farmhouse cooking lessons on sustainable cooking and baking.
  • A handy-on farming experience! There are lots of things to do around 'Sigis Sauhaufen'.
  • Push hard and explore your limits! Expand your personal fitness programme and try EMS.
  • Back to nature? Swim in the forest or find something new on a herbal discovery trail.
  • Happy kids enjoy the colourful range of activities for younger and older children in the countryside and on our farm
Rocking Klosterhof

YOUNIQUE catering!
The Klosterhof is being transformed into culinary hotspot with a retractable glass ceiling, a wood-fired oven for bread and pizzas, a flying dinner balcony, a show kitchen and excellent cuisine 12 months a year.

...but we don’t want to reveal everything just yet ;-)

Sigis Sauhaufen

The first tiny occupants of the new small-scale farm with a petting zoo are now moving in:

Donkeys, ponies, rabbits, domesticated pigs, chickens, small cows and calves, goats and sheep.
Very soon there will also be 120 chickens ranging freely on the Pfarrhügel to guarantee the very best eggs for breakfast.

Expanding the Think.Younique® - philosophie

Sustainability & efficiency are the most important aspects of the THINK.YOUNIQUE philosophy; aspects we are continually working on:

Chemical-free cleaning, plastic avoidance, regional suppliers, 100% eco-energy, environmentally friendly printing and much more. 

Playroom für Fun & Action

The former refectory is transformed into a modern, new youth and gaming room:

Billiards, pinball, table football, Playstation, digital board games and much more.

Indoor fun for family & friends!

The Klosterbräu's new clothes

The spacious hotel lobby appears in a new guise with stylish furniture - unique and custom-made. 
Cosiness always has style!

Fire and flame in the kitchen!

An energy-saving induction kitchen block for our main kitchen is planned as well as an additional front kitchen for the Rocking Klosterhof!

Making-up of the indoor pool

The indoor swimming pool is also getting a new look with wow! - effect:
Stone on stone, stone on stone,
the transformation will soon be complete.... .

Part 1 - Construction video spring 2021 - The indoor pool

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Part 2 - Construction video spring 2021 - indoor pool & monastery courtyard

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Part 3 - Construction Video Spring 2021 - Our Farm SIGIS SAUHAUFEN

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