Respecting nature. Living values. Protecting the environment.



Respect for our ancestors. Respect for future generations.  


The more we think about how we used to think, act, or live, the more we recognise that some things were in fact “better in the past”. They were more authentic. More real. More natural. More casual. There was no concept for sustainability – it was a natural thing. This attitude towards our homeland and our fellow human beings is what we want to and will live much more intensely again.

And that’s why our THINK.YOUNIQUE® concept was not developed. It emerged on its own.


And it is still growing, evolving, and thriving …

- All along. -

A business that has grown over 6 generation and is deeply rooted in its surroundings and its homeland. We work exclusively with suppliers and partners who share our values and our attitude towards people, animals, and nature.

We are not a certified organic hotel, but ORGANIC in all its facets is deeply rooted in our hotel. We carefully evaluate in which areas REGIONALITY stands above ORGANIC. We continue to grow. 

- Thermal energy -

Our main source of thermal energy is Bio Ortswärme Seefeld, a highly modern, organic wood-chip plant.

As a supplementary source of power, we use a solar system to heat our swimming pools.

That’s all we need to make you feel comfortably warm.

Our electricity is covered 100% by green electricity suppliers, i.e. producers who do completely do without fossil fuels.

We can – and will – do more.
- Other projects -

We are currently planning to build our own wood chipping plant. The wood will come exclusively from our own forest and from the farmers of our plateau. This autonomous heat production is designed in such a way that we will also be able to supply our agriculture and the surrounding neighbours with organic wood heat. Alternatively, or in parallel, we will develop an extension of the solar system or consider new geothermal heating systems.


Other projects we are currently working on:

  • Prevention of CO2 emissions
  • Concept for waste reduction
  • Reduction of plastic use
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Our year-round culinary hotspot "the Klosterhof" with openable glass roof, pizza oven and much more is now open for you. Enjoy your breakfast and dinner in Mediterranean flair!


Coming sooon: 
Soon we will also be fulfilling our dream of having our own farm "Sigi's pigsty" and a mini petting zoo. 


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& the entire Younique ® team

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