Body & fitness

Space to push yourself. An ACTIVE Fitness GYM of superlatives.

Functional training. Ultra-modern. Spacious. Motivating.


We give you room to work out!

In our brand-new ACTIVE fitness room on the 2nd floor we have combined modernity and lifestyle. Top-modern equipment, a spacious functional area, a drinking station, a Bluetooth music system, and many other highlights await you and your weaker self.


The coolest fitness room in the world. We are definitely proud of it ...

Time for myself!

Opening times: daily from 6 a.m. to midnight

Eye-catching prospects – Ready to welcome you from Wednesday 19th of May!

Feel Free booking conditions 48h before arrvial – applying until 28th of November 20021.


At last, the waiting is over. We’ll be ready to welcome you from 19th of May 2021 with a stunning opening special for the travel period up to the 8th of July and loads of great offers.


Book now and remain flexible with our 48h Feel-Free booking conditions.


Looking forward seeing you again!

Agnes, Alois Seyrling & family Seyrling
& the Team Younique ®

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