Hotel Klosterbräu
Hotel Klosterbräu

Quench your thirst

If beer was the food of love …


Looking for something to quench your thirst in summer, experience tradition and green philosophy? 


What can you do on your Seefeld holidays? Enjoy a refreshing homemade beer at Klosterbräu’s Bräukeller Grill & Veggie well-known for its reverently brewed selection of beers to quench your thirst. True to the monastic tradition of beer brewing since 1516, your hosts, the Seyrling family, continue to make excellent beers using only malt, hops, and spring water. There’s no better way to drink noble “barley juice” brewed with great love and patience: made with such love that every beer has a special name, some of which have been named after family members, e.g. Bubi’s Helles or Sigi’s Weizen. To make the most of your experience, they offer a flat rate and interesting hand signals for express orders. If you prefer other beverages there are plenty to choose from, including homemade Apfelstrudel liqueur, vegan, and vegetarian drinks. And when you need something to soak it all up, the choice of regional and seasonal burgers, premium steaks, salads, and vegetable dishes is wide: all lovingly marked for easy selection.

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