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With heart, soul & original wort – since 1516 until today a refreshing pleasure


Our master brewer Florian celebrates with heart and soul the brewing process in our Bräukeller. At the moment we offer 6 types of beer and among others a truly unique "Champagne Beer". The style of our beers also convinces the ladies: slightly hoppy, delicately bitter, lightly carbonated, and a slim body. Seasonally we offer additional beer specialties, such as our latest creation "Karwendilirium" 13.5% original gravity with 6% alcohol. It belongs to the genre of the festival beer, is golden yellow, palatable, and unfolds its full flavour in the Masskrug.

So instead of a non-alcoholic beer, you can enjoy this new variety with just a "little bit of fun".

We grow the hops ourselves for this purpose – and two things are important:

greatest care & a powerful tractor ;-)

The first is in our blood, the second is parked in the Klosterhof ...

Secret tip:

By the way, the guided tour with master brewer Florian Bieringer is also refreshing, as is a refreshing sip from the never-ending beer fountain in the wellness area ...


Master brewer Florian and the team at Hotel Klosterbräu & SPA*****.

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Our year-round culinary hotspot "the Klosterhof" with openable glass roof, pizza oven and much more is now open for you. Enjoy your breakfast and dinner in Mediterranean flair!


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Our organic farm and petting zoo "Sigis Sauhaufen" is open and ready for explorations of all kinds for young and old.


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