Hotel Klosterbräu & SPA

Water fun to the power of five

Tyrol is known for its crystal clear and refreshing mountain lakes. Don't worry, our pools are not that cold. On the contrary, with pleasant temperatures, our 5 water areas invite you to relax and enjoy all year round. You can enjoy, for example, the magnificent mountain scenery all around or an invigorating drink - or both together ;-)


Every keen swimmer and every YOUNICORN will find their place here.

Hotel Klosterbräu & SPA
Outdoor pool

Heated all year round at 30°C

Be outdoors all year round - in freestyle, of course - in the middle of 17 x 6 metres.

Hotel Klosterbräu & SPA
Panorama whirlpool

Heated all year round at 36°C

Year-round, unique view of the Tyrolean Alps - and bubble away uninhibitedly.

Hotel Klosterbräu & SPA
Indoor pool

Heated with 30°C

Swim, dive and splash 15 metres lengthwise and 5.5 metres across. Or just relax and hang out at the edge of the pool.

Hotel Klosterbräu & SPA
Indoor whirlpool

Bubble at 36°C

Let your head, neck and back be pampered in front of a historic backdrop - and then take a cool sip of beer from our beer fountain in the monastery cellar.

Hotel Klosterbräu & SPA
Whirlpool Adults only

Cosily heated with 36°C

Here all Adults can lean back and relax to their heart's content - Bubbles on!

5 water surfaces at 1,200 metres above sea level

Hotel Klosterbräu & SPA

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Hotel Klosterbräu & SPA

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