Hotel Klosterbräu
Hotel Klosterbräu

Green energy

The source of power at Hotel Klosterbräu

Sustainabilty begins at home – and at Hotel Klosterbräu.

Nature is our biggest source of power – quite literally. Spending time under the blue sky, being exposed to the elements, taking a deep breath, and enjoying the moment helps us relax our mind and recharge our batteries. Nature also provides our hotel with clean renewable energy. To heat our cosy rooms, we use green energy from nature – or, to be more specific, from Bio-Ortswärme Seefeld, a state-of-the-art and sustainable wood chipping plant. To heat our pools, we also use a solar system. Nature provides everything our guests need to feel warm and cosy. We also rely on nature when it comes to electricity. We use 100% green electricity and absolutely no fossil fuels. But we do know that we could do more – and that's why we're planning to build our own wood chipping plant in the near future. We will use wood from our own forest and from farmers in the surrounding area for it. For an all-round green future. Now all you have to think about is what to do in Seefeld in summer.

Just out again...

BREAKING NEWS: For all early bookers: Summer prices 2023 = 2024. No price increase for all bookings until 29 February 2024. 🔥


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