Hotel Klosterbräu
Hotel Klosterbräu

Moo, baa, oink, and cluck

Come and discover the sounds of our petting zoo!

Your kids are sure to love a visit to our petting zoo. Are you ready to say hello to Olaf, Elsa, Harry Potter, and other fluffy friends?

Here at Klosterbräu, we’re very proud of being a family hotel in Seefeld, and we offer a whole host of experiences and activities to keep you and your little ones entertained and delighted. In the petting zoo on our farm, guinea pigs, rabbits, pot-bellied pigs, dwarf cattle, dwarf donkeys, and so many more furry and feathered friends are just waiting to say hello with a cluck, moo, oink, or neigh. If you want to get a proper introduction to our friendly animals and find out all about them, we even offer regular guided tours with your host. Your children’s eyes are sure to light up with joy as they enjoy a cuddle with their new best friend. At feeding time, they can also discover each animal’s favourite food (and maybe even help hand out a carrot or two)! And for even more holiday fun, you’ll find a nature playground with hay barn right next door where your children can let off steam and work up an appetite for a delicious meal in one of our restaurants.

Longing for summer, sun, Klosterbräu ☀️


Free ride to holiday bliss. Free trip to Klosterbräu. Travel by train or FlixBus and get reimbursed up to €150 travel costs per person 🔥


Our new nature rooms and suites are here! At least online 😉 You can book them now for summer, gladly in combination with our Opening Special 6+1.


See you soon,
Your hosts

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