Hotel Klosterbräu
Hotel Klosterbräu

To all the special mums out there:

Happy Mother’s Day!

Take a moment to appreciate how wonderful your mum truly is.

Strong, unstoppable, determined, loveable … superheroes? No, we’re talking about mums. Have you ever thought about how special they are and what an amazing difference they make in our lives? On Mother’s Day, which falls on 8 May this year, we take time to celebrate, thank, and appreciate our mums. Have you already organised something for your mum? Perhaps you could give her the gift of your time and attention and spend the day together, doing all the things that make her smile. Of course, you could also treat her to an unforgettable weekend at our hotel in Seefeld, Austria. Three days dedicated to relaxation and good food, surrounded by stunning scenery, and in the best company. The culinary delights, adventures out in the fresh air, and soothing wellness experiences will ensure boredom is a distant memory. You’ll enjoy plenty of unique moments and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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