Hotel Klosterbräu
Hotel Klosterbräu

Good news from “Sigis Sauhaufen”:

Our goats have welcomed little ones!

The baby goats bring a lot of life into our petting zoo.

There is exciting news from our petting zoo: Gustav the billy goat has become a dad – and multiple times over! These adorable baby goats, with their big, expressive eyes, are nothing short of enchanting, capturing our hearts every time we look at them. But beneath their innocent gaze lies a world of mischief. They’re bursting with curiosity and boundless energy; they spend their days discovering their world, playfully pestering the older goats, and sneakily attempting to steal treats.
The goat kids are true athletes. With fascinating dexterity, they sprint through their enclosure, balance on tree trunks, and perform exuberant aerial jumps. We could watch them do this all day long.
Feel free to come by and meet the little bundles of energy in person. Whether you’re planning a romantic autumn holiday or a trip to Seefeld, Austria for skiing – our petting zoo is a real highlight for the whole family.

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