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The animals of the Alps

A trip to Innsbruck’s Alpenzoo

Innsbruck’s Alpenzoo is home to fascinating – and sometimes amusing – Alpine animals. Why not pay them a visit?

The landscapes of Tyrol and its mild climate create the perfect habitat for some 30,000 species of animals and 4,500 species of plants. The aim of the Alpenzoo in Innsbruck is to show the enormous variety of typical Alpine flora and fauna. Of course, you won’t find every single species that lives in the Alps there, but you’ll be able to encounter 20 species of mammals, 60 species of birds, 11 species of reptiles, 6 species of amphibians, and almost every species of fish that inhabits our rivers and lakes. Seeing these fascinating creatures up close is sure to be an exciting experience for children and adults alike.

The zoo is located in Innsbruck, just a short drive from our hotel in Seefeld for holidays dedicated to well-being. We recommend spending half a day at the zoo and then the rest exploring the city itself. Or you can return to our hotel and enjoy one of the wonderful activities that we’ve prepared for you.

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