Hotel Klosterbräu
Hotel Klosterbräu

Tyrol, your exciting holiday destination

Thrilling. Striking. Interesting.

If you look over the roofs of the city of Innsbruck, you’ll see the Bergisel ski jump. Have you ever heard of it?

Oberstdorf, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bischofshofen, and of course Innsbruck. These are the places where the famous “Vierschanzentournee” (in English: Four Hills Tournament), a ski-jumping competition, takes place. It was officially held for the first time in 1953. Now it has become a televised sport event followed all over the world by hundreds of thousands of people. Seeing athletes ski-jumping before your eyes is an unforgettable experience that you have to enjoy at least once in a lifetime. The most beautiful ski jump of all four destinations is situated near our hotel: the Bergisel ski jump in Innsbruck. You can visit and admire this site even outside the tournament. The view from the terrace is absolutely stunning. At the end of the day, you can return to our hotel and enjoy all our inclusive services.

Come to Seefeld, Austria, where hotels, landscape, and traditions simply have that something extra.

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