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Hotel Klosterbräu

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A visit with Johanna Krug, our herbal expert

We think it's time to introduce you to our regional partners on the Seefeld Plateau. This week we visited our herb fairy Johanna Krug in Leutasch. Johanna has created her paradise right on her doorstep - her own herb garden. At over 1,110m above sea level, she has made this dream come true, even though she was told that nothing would ever grow in Leutasch. Over the past 26 years, Johanna's "little" paradise has grown continuously and now covers a proud 700 square metres full of colourful and fragrant plants. It all started with a simple sage stick, but now Johanna grows all the herbs you can imagine. Johanna, who was born in Lower Austria, is passionate about her herb garden and beams anew every morning when she opens the little door to her garden, which, by the way, was given to her by her son for Christmas.

"What do you do with so many herbs?"

Johanna processes her herbs and, by the way, berries into a wide variety of products: Homemade teas, herbal salt, jams, liqueurs and much more she makes for her own consumption and sale. From growing and harvesting the herbs to drying and processing - every step of Johanna's work is lovingly done by hand. And there is no such thing as a weed for Johanna, because every plant has its own speciality.

Since this year, there is even a YOUNIQUE wild herb tea blend that Johanna has put together exclusively for us. You can enjoy this YOUNIQUE tea blend on site at our hotel or purchase it in our monastery shop to take home. Small tip: This tea is also perfect to enjoy cold, e.g. for warm summer days (like today).

Longing for summer, sun, Klosterbräu ☀️


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