Hotel Klosterbräu
Hotel Klosterbräu

Oink oink, hee-haw, moo, and baa

Let’s visit the petting zoo!

Come and meet our dwarf goats, guinea pigs, and pot-bellied pigs!

Hotel Klosterbräu is the perfect place to stay when visiting Austria on holidays with your family. A particular highlight for our little guests: our petting zoo!

We take care of our adorable animals with lots of love – and our farm is strictly vegetarian. That means: We produce wool, eggs, milk, and honey, but no meat. That’s why our pot-bellied pigs Jürgen and Mortadella will be found oinking with joy, our dwarf goats Sandy, David, Walter, Elvis, Seppl, and Luis bounce around happily, and our guinea pigs squeak contentedly as soon as someone comes up to their enclosure.

And our dwarf donkeys Kieschen and Lilly and dwarf pony Fips always adore getting visits – and a good scratch, too! They also love going on walks, during which our little guests can enjoy a ride on Fips’ back.

The petting zoo is located just a two-minute walk away from our hotel. Simply make your way through the Garden of Eden and follow the signs to “Sigi’s Sauhaufen”!

Just out again...

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Since July 2023: "Auffi aufn Berg"... 🔥 and into the alpine pasture! We have great news, because since July we have been the proud operators of the Reitherjoch Alm in Reith near Seefeld - which means lots of enjoyment and relaxation at 1,500m. Are you ready? ❤️


See you soon,
Your hosts

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