Hotel Klosterbräu
Hotel Klosterbräu

Hops and malt...

… make the best brew!

Ripe and ready to pick, our hops begin their journey from the field to our brewery.

A fragrant mélange of spicy-sweet aromas wafts through Sigis Sauhaufen. No, it’s not coming from the barn – it’s the hop blossoms! Brewmaster Florian takes a close look at the plants and announces that it is harvest time.
He cuts the vines and carries them to the terrace. Here, the three of us make ourselves comfortable for a long afternoon of hop harvesting – each of the aromatic blossoms has to be carefully picked by hand. We toast with a cool beer and immerse ourselves in the labour of love.

Klosterbräu beers and their unique character
Home-grown hops, barley malt, and the purest Karwendel spring water – these are the ingredients of the home-brewed organic beers from our in-house brewery. Experience a quality you will not only taste but relish in every sip.
Our brewmaster, Florian, has mastered his craft like no other. With a sensitive nose and a head full of ideas, he develops delicious and unique beer recipes. These include “Bubis Märzen Bier”, “Sigi’s Weizen Hell”, and the “AlPils”, which each impress with their gently hopped, subtly bitter, lightly carbonated, and sleek-bodied profile. The sparkling “Champagne Beer” has earned a special mention, becoming especially cherished among our guests. Florian’s most recent brew, the “Karwendilirium”, invites you to indulge in a drinkable festive beer that boasts 13.5% original wort and 6% alcohol while encapsulating the rugged yet lush vistas of the Karwendel mountains.

An eventful history
Beer has been brewed at Klosterbräu for over 500 years. Even back then, in the days of Emperor Maximilian I, the noble drink was known beyond the country’s borders. Unfortunately, our brewery was shut down after the First World War. However, after a hiatus of over eighty years, we triumphantly resurrected the beer brewing tradition within the walls of our monastery. Success! By blending age-old wisdom, innovative concepts, and premium ingredients, we’ve crafted a flavour that simply tastes good. Cheers!

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