Hotel Klosterbräu
Hotel Klosterbräu

The plums are ripe!

And we’re turning them into tasty treats.

Whether fresh from the tree or baked in a cake – our plums are simply delicious.

Have we ever told you about our plum harvest? We grow all kinds of things on parish hill: herbs, hops, vegetables, berries, apples, and, of course, plums. Our farm is also a particularly happy place for our sheep, goats, cows, and chickens – because it’s strictly vegetarian.

The warm autumn sunshine was especially beneficial for the fruit. When it was time for the harvest, we headed out with our baskets to free the trees of their sweet treasures. Of course, we had to make sure our plums tasted great there and then – and we can confirm they were delicious.

Then, the fresh plums from our Garden of Eden were baked into yummy plum cake without delay. Want to make one yourself? Simply line a baking tray with yeast dough, fill it with plenty of the fresh fruits, sprinkle generous amounts of crumble on top, and bake for around half an hour. This classic is always a big hit!

We also used some of the plums to make jam. Would you like to try it? Then visit our Hotel Klosterbräu in Seefeld, Austria for your skiing holiday. Or perhaps a wellness holiday is on your Christmas list?


Our new nature rooms and suites are here! At least online. 😉 You can book them now for summer, gladly in combination with our Opening Special 6+1.


And also NEW for all those who are longing: Unique experience weeks and offers until Easter 2024 🥚🐰


See you soon,
Your hosts

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