Multiple award winning and
multiple award-winning Vital-Gourmet Board

The Hotel Klostebräu has an excellent award-winning cuisine. We are not only wishing you a culinary delight, but also a designed kitchen philosophy for digestible and beneficial vital foods for you. Your health is very important towards us. Inspired by TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), is our food and beverage offer been combined with the traditional Alpine cuisine. We offer you a nutritional option, like we are living with our children.

Our TCM inspired kitchen is a way to eat healthier and generate more relaxation and power on a vacation. You can use this offer, you are also welcome to alternatively a variety of our usual culinary delights.

Holistic approach with the following goals:
Holistic approach with the following goals:

Easily digestible dishes

Food of the highest quality and organic

Regional and seasonal focus

Deacidifying, harmonizing and balancing

Regenerating and restorative sleep

Avoid fatigue after meals

The Klosterbräu breakfast - the most important meal of the day

Our rich and healthy breakfast buffet has been created by according the principles of the TCM & the 5-element cuisine. In addition to the classic delicacies, you can treat yourself with the principles of the vital nutrition.

  • Wide selection of warm, wheat-free dishes
  • Variety of lactose and gluten-free products
  • Basic vegetable broth, prepared teas and infusions
  • Seasonal, ripe and digestible fruit - also cooked
  • Varied premium tea assortment
  • Warm, served dishes such as quinoa, chia, psyllium and spelled, millet, and oatmeal 
  • Bread assortment with organic, rye, wholegrain & spelled bread
  • Vegetable and fruit selection for your individual smoothie
  • Regional cream cheese assortment
  • Homemade sugar-reduced jams and spreads
  • Regional honey specialties
  • Assortment of sheep and goat milk products
  • Egg dishes served from our kitchen

You can also find these selection of dishes at our late-riser breakfast in our Vitalbistro from 10.30 till 12.00 clock or at our breakfast buffet from 7:30 to 10:30 clock in the vaulted hall.

  • Salad buffet
  • Soups Light, digestible dishes
  • Vital snacks
  • Sugar-reduced Desserts
You can enjoy the selection of these dishes in our Vitalbistro from 12:30 till 13.30.
  • In our vaulted hall we have a 6-course menu and a theme buffet (2x per week)
  • In our Ritter-Oswald Stube we have a 6-course menu and a Themenbufftet (2x per week)
  • At our Chefstable in the hotel kitchen, will the menu be served by our chefs
  • In our 500 years young wine cellar, you can enjoy on request from the gourmet menu surrounded by 300 candles 
  • In our Bräukeller & Grill Steakhouse with brewery you can enjoy on request (combination with gourmet half-board possible) 
  • In summer, can you enjoy in our Klosterhof from a 6-course menu and a theme buffet (2x per week).