Sure feels good!

Your wellbeing always has absolute priority – now more than ever.

The Klosterbräu hotel is spaciously housed within the expansive grounds and walls of a former Augustinian monastery, built 500 years ago. The perfect foundations.

Down through the generations we have always invested and rebuilt with a clear focus on providing ‘more space’ and ‘more privacy’.

To be sure every guest is completely in the holiday mood, we remain behind the scenes whenever possible, and guarantee maximum organisational efficiency when implementing the latest safety measures and complying with the regulations. 

We take your safety – and the wellbeing of our staff – very seriously and personally. At the moment, to guarantee absolute certainty, IN ADDITION to official stipulations, we are planning voluntary measures in the shape of weekly PCR testing on ourselves and our entire staff. Olympiaregion Seefeld is a pilot region, and we are currently coordinating with all the other businesses (shops, hotels, restaurants etc.) to ensure this additional measure is implemented by at least 90% of all operations and their employees.



A short overview of how we guarantee a SAFE and pleasurable holiday:

Lots and lots of space (basis: 130 guests)

  • 17,000m2 of interior hotel floorspace – 130 m² per guest 
  • Private ‘Pfarrhügel’ garden – 80,000 m² - per guest 615 m²
  • Private woods – 890,000m² - or 6,846m² per guest
  • SPA & health – 3,500m² - or 27m² per guest
  • 3 swimming pools, 2 ‘whirlpool’ hot tubs, 8 saunas, 8 relaxation rooms
  • Extended and completely renewed fitness room
  • 7 restaurants and dining facilities within the hotel

Sunny Seefeld high plateau

  • 7km to the German border
  • Accessible from three directions
  • 13 lakes can be reached on foot or by bicycle from the hotel
  • 560km of paths & trekking routes
  • 230km of cycle paths & e-bike routes
  • 27 holes for golfers
  • Over 50 shops, boutiques and a casino
  • Over 50 restaurants
  • Tennis: 8 indoor courts & 8 brand-new outdoor courts


Good to know:

  • Very few Corona cases in the region during the pandemic
  • Innsbruck University Clinic (25km) / Garmisch (45km) / 5 GPs with surgeries on the Seefeld plateau
  • Work in progress: Pilot region with the goal of testing 90% of businesses and employees on the entire plateau EVERY WEEK
  • No quarantine obligation for returning guests.


The Karwendel Nature Reserve - 727km²:

  • Largest nature conservation area in Tyrol
  • Austria’s largest nature reserve
  • Source of the River Isar
  • Unique alpine flora & fauna
  • A hiking & cycling paradise
  • Numerous rustic alpine lodges

FAQ - Frequent questions of our guests

Important information to our recent guidlines at hotel Klosterbräu

Masking obligation

  • No more mask obligation when entering restaurants, shops and hotels!

  • In the Austrian gastronomy and hotel industry there is no obligation for employees to wear masks. In order to offer our guests and employees protection that goes beyond the legal regulations, we have a mechanical protection device (transparent separating disks) at Norwegian points, such as the reception area, and our employees and guests are free to wear face visors or masks.

Swimming pools

  • All swimming pools and whirlpools can be used  without restriction.
  • There is only a maximum limit per swimming pool for simultaneous use.  
    (as we have 3 swimming pools and 2 whirlpools, this is easily implemented)


  • We have a total of 7 saunas the wellness area,  2 more  in massage rooms and 7 rooms have their own private sauna.
  • There is only a maximum limit per sauna for simultaneous use, depending on the room size.

Rest, lounging & reading rooms in the wellness area

  • We have adjusted the division of the couches accordingly to regulate the distance.
  • Of course, we have nevertheless provided sufficient berths for you.   

Massage and cosmetic treatments:

  • Due to the physical proximity, our employees will wear a mask during wellness treatments voluntarily and at their own request.
  • All treatments can be offered as usual.


  • All rooms are disinfected with steam (chemical free) before your arrival.
  • Surfaces in public areas, door handles, lifts, shelves etc. are disinfected according to a strict cleaning protocol.
  • There are sufficient dispensers for hand disinfection available throughout the hotel.
  • Bed linen and towels are cleaned according to the norm.

2V2A3034.jpg - Enjoy? For sure. . .
Enjoy Younique & safe

We don’t simply go beyond minimum distancing and hygiene specifications; we exceed them with ease. Choose from seven restaurants and places to dine.

2V2A4114 (Large).jpg - Relax ? For sure ...
Feel Younique & safe

We’ve always offered several retreats and places to relax in peace. Now guests have the opportunity to make exclusive reservations of the saunas, swimming pools and fitness rooms on an hourly basis – free of charge. New – starting summer 2020: An additional outdoor pool & magnificent new fitness room. Savour the time – enjoy the space!

2V2A2483.jpg - Feel great? For sure ...
Live Younique & safe

We’ve introduced even more flexibility for your rooms, too. Now, you decide whether our cleaning staff visit your room once or twice a day. Prior to arrival, the entire room is thoroughly steam-disinfected without using any chemicals.

2V2A3349.jpg - Hospitality? For sure ...
Passion Younique & safe

Guests still enjoy the warmth of our genuinely friendly smiles, as staff now use full-face visors instead of masks. At the moment it’s tough for us not to shake hands and hug you – but there is a new Klosterbräu welcome! A genuine and heartfelt one!

All measures, facts and figures fore the whole region can be reviewed here - so you can relax, breathe and take it easy. 


Best regards from the Seyrling family & over 100 charming employees