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The whole colourful Klosterbräu family is here to provide insights into their everyday lives, and to open up a packed treasure trove of creative activities, crazy and exciting ideas, relaxing moments and personal thoughts.

Psst... Here lots of activities to try out, inspire and entertain you.

Yoga- sessions

However young or old, every single member of the Seyrling family can use a short break to boost their sense of physical and mental wellbeing – even at home.

We look forward to receiving your questions about the poses we feature – although we can’t promise you’ll be satisfied with the answers ;-)



The gentle fragrance of spring for your home

Petra, our chief reservations manager, guarantees you enjoy the gentle fragrances of spring at home with her own home-made lavender syrup.

Is the lavender in bloom in your garden? Petra has a great tip on what to do with it:

Download the lavender syrup recipe (German only):

Lavender Syrup recipe in German- Download.




Make your own spaghetti – coiled, folded or flattened!

Household chores are all about teamwork for the Seyrling family!

How do you prefer your pasta?
Air-dried, pressed flat or carefully folded?

Luis and Margarita are here to please...

Mmmmmmmmandarine Muffins

As well as serving up magnificent holiday dreams, Petra, our chief reservations manager, also knows all the best ingredients for relaxing and recreational breaks. Her delicious muffins prove she knows what it takes to tickle our taste buds – and yours:

Hey Petra, we’d love some for the next coffee break in the hotel :-)


- One of 90 sophisticated and cosy rooms or suites
- A large serving of our ¾-board healthy gourmet package
- A large tablespoon of spa, health & relaxation
- A pinch of yoga, pilates or outdoor fun
- Mix it all together for a smooth and tasty holiday treat
- Soak up the heat and regenerate in HeissZeit sauna
- Finally, decorate with Tyrolean hospitality and countless magic moments with the Seyrling family!

Discover the full recipe here (German only):

- Mandarine Muffins Recipe Download

Let sleeping dogs lie
Let sleeping dogs lie

You’ve walked the dog five times already, and the look on its face says there won’t be a sixth. You’re at home! Why not give the cat some affection, too?

That will make the dog happy!

Thomas Eichholzer’s cat.

Working from home – under a palm tree

She can’t get out to enjoy the shade of the palm trees, so Julia from marketing has decided to take the palm trees home.

Why not? Is it really such a crazy idea?

Attention all cave explorers! Look closely mums and dads!
Attention all cave explorers! Look closely mums and dads!

Discover new, unexplored caves. Build the best hiding places in the world; and keep Mum and Dad busy searching!

Can you see where Linda Seyrling’s daughter Mia is hiding in the picture?

Mia's tip for kids seeking a cosy sanctuary:

The more pillows and covers you use, the longer you’ll have your peace – because Mum and Dad will need a long time to dismantle your hideaway!

Bake-ups and try-outs

Like it or not, at the moment the kitchen is the centre of everybody’s world.

Photos as proof below ;-)

Wolfgang Rieß isn’t only active when he runs the HR department. He’s also happy to ensure there are plenty of resources available at home.

The best recipes of Linda - his sister-in-law - are available here (German only):

- Mangold Quiche

- Quinoa-Vegetable Casserole

- Potatoe - Rosemary Pizza

- Chocolate cake

A little bit of tool time
A little bit of tool time

Any ideas for spring decorations?

Let's make life at home a little more colourful!

Adventure park living room
Adventure park living room

Luis and Margarita are trying to keep their Daddy busy at home with some wii games.

Plant goals & tulips!

Enjoying the last days of snow and the first spring sun rays in the garden.
Fit & Fun - a popular combination those days!


Happy Birthday - wishes from the other side of the screen
Happy Birthday - wishes from the other side of the screen

Quarantine - birthday party:
We were - not - present!

We simply outsmart social distancing with social media. Dear Katharina, we wish you happy Birthday!

Delicious Tyrolean face masks
Delicious Tyrolean face masks

Probably the tastiest disposable product in the Alps...


While Wolfgang and Thomas are on duty around the hotel, their wives have been busy sewing.

Laura Rieß-Seyrling and Elisabeth Eichholzer have produced some truly attractive face masks!

Letter salad

Despite the fact that Thomas - our F&B Manager - represents more the B (beverages) in this position, he creates delicacies in his own kitchen.

We are pretty sure that his daughters not only wrap pizzas but also wrap their Daddy around their fingers....

Vegetable soup for everyone from Dad’s delivery service

While Agnes keeps Luis and Margarita busy enthusiastically chopping up vegetables – their dad, Alois, is getting ready to make free deliveries to everyone just a little later.

The first attempt at sourdough went off with a bang!
This recipe may well need to be revised…



Don’t know what to do with your carbohydrates?

Dora, our reservations manager, keeps the calories in carb quarantine and conjures up some delicious cheesy vegetable medallions.


Try this:

Vegetable medallions with cheese (4 portions):

250g cauliflower rice
250g green vegetable rice
2 eggs
150g grated mozzarella and chipped parmesan – mixed
1 onion
2-3 cloves of garlic
A pinch of salt and pepper, a sprinkling of olive oil.

Ensure the onion and garlic cloves are finely chopped. Heat gently in approx. 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Add in the green vegetable rice and the cauliflower rice and fry gently for 5-7 minutes. Allow to cool for a few moments before placing in a bowl and mixing in the cheese and eggs.  Season with salt and pepper. Place on a sheet of baking paper on a baking tray, divide the mass up into small portions and form medallions. Bake with the fan on at 200° for 20-25 minutes.

Serve with a blob of sour cream yoghurt dip.