Relaxation room

Relaxation rooms and reading dreams

Place for togetherness. Your retreat at Hotel Klosterbräu.


Do you feel the need for a place of retreat? A place where you can be on your own, where you can spend moments of peace and to let go of the hectic pace of everyday life. 


We know this deep, inner need only too well and have created the perfect hideaway for you – with islands of peace and space.


Lose yourself in the boundless nature – in our 150,000m2 Garden of Eden, embedded in the landscape of the Olympic region of Seefeld. Your green lungs directly behind the Hotel Klosterbräu.

The sunbathing lawn with view of the mountains ensures quiet, sunny moments.

The monastery cellar. Historical walls as an exceptional retreat.
The gates to what is probably the most beautiful 500-year-old wine cellar in Austria are open during the day for you to relax. Scurry there in your bathrobe and relax directly over the sauna area. Enjoy the peace and power of the old monastery vaults and taste invigorating teas.

Secret tip from the Seyrling family:
Explore every corner of the historic vault.
Will find a refreshing highlight behind it?

The meditation path with its own Kneipp facility awakens the spirits within you.
The 500-year-old stone wall soothes the soul as you gently stimulate your circulation and metabolism while "treading water" according to Bishop Sebastian Kneipp. Use the seating areas in this regeneration path to find strength and inner peace. Follow the candlelight to the ground floor right next to our sauna area.

Fireplace reading lounge – cosiness and warmth
Lose yourself in a good book while listening to the crackling of the open fireplace. Enjoy the warming rays of the sun from the adjacent sun terrace and freeze time.

Lese(t)raum relaxation room
Directly next to the Vital Bistro is where you’ll find the biggest cuddly couch of the world ;-) Whether for a short power nap or long hibernation ...
Allowed is what is good for you and what relaxes your body. Feel free to wear your bathrobe.

Klosterglocke relaxation roomretreat for the senses
In the basement of the Spiritual SPA, she – the 1.5-ton iron queen – is majestically enthroned in the middle of the room. Discrete lighting and soft music encompass her. Well-tempered waterbeds turn the area into a deep relaxation experience.

And now that you have come so far, get ready for our secret tip ...
Bierwunder – a relaxation area with the elixir of life
Visit the hidden beer fountain for the most delicious refreshment after an extensive sauna session. Home-brewed beer bubbles from the never-ending spring and supports you in your regeneration.

Lost the overview?

We know: it’s easy to get lost with so much space.
Eager explorers continue to look around and find their way around on their own.
In the worst case, you might come across another great relaxation room while exploring …
Could be worse.


If you are in a hurry, you can download our spa map here.

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Your safe time out
3G - rule (tested, vaccinated, recovered) remains in place


NEW - Definitely try it out!
Our year-round culinary hotspot "the Klosterhof" with openable glass roof, pizza oven and much more is now open for you. Enjoy your breakfast and dinner in Mediterranean flair!


Coming sooon: 
Soon we will also be fulfilling our dream of having our own farm "Sigi's pigsty" and a mini petting zoo. 


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We look forward to seeing you!


See you soon, 
Agnes, Alois Seyrling & Seyrling family
& the entire Younique ® team

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