Green Code

We live our philosophy every day

Products from our own production

We thought about living more profoundly and more intensely, consciously the traditions of our ancient walls and the obligations that are associated with them.

Ecological - sustainable & future-oriented. The result is a philosophy that will be reflected by our thinking and actions that we make every day - and you should experience and feel it intense. Conscious, sustainable and healthier - looking in to the past with one eye and the other eye at the future.

From the monastery to the luxury hotel and back again. Be inspired and experience with us every day a new harmonious tradition, regional reference, conservation of resources, contemporary innovation and cosmopolitanism that can be combined.

Culinary - back to the roots

Looking back at the history that could be seen that the monks, in an addiction to a very marked self-reliance, were engaged in a lively barter with different orders, monasteries and distant lands. Exotic herbs, herbs and ingredients that were combined with home-grown raw materials and that were processed into seasonal products.

In addition to their own agriculture and livestock products like cheese, beer and schnapps who were often produced and supplemented with their own wine, jams and honey production. This is the original principles form an important part of our new restaurant concept. This is reflected in the respective drinks and food service offers.

Everything is energy

That doesn’t just mean the movement of the tiniest particles, but the movement of the cosmos, the earth and every breath our planet takes. 
Energy is endless and it is never used up. It merely changes state. Nevertheless energy, as we understand it today, is increasingly precious, so we need to adapt how we generate and use it. The main energy source for our heating, hot water and electricity is our own solar power system that, combined with our own block heating and generating plant produces heat and power very efficiently. We cover spikes in requirements using Seefeld’s regional and ultra-modern district heating network.

Partners - reliability & loyalty

In business or pleasure – nothing is as valuable as long-term partnerships and friendships. That is precisely why we rely on suppliers and producers that fit in with our principles and support us in the long term, even over generations. Mutual needs are respected, and cooperation is based on special values that matter to both parties.